ProductDyno Collections

Once you have your products entered into your Products Dashboard, with the content loaded or accessed externally, you can then group them into Collections if you want. The main reason to do this would be so that your customers have only one login regardless of how many products they have purchased from you.  

This may be for:

  • multi product course 
    • free module + paid modules 
    • basic modules + advanced modules
    • the products in a sales funnel, - such as front end, order bump,  upsells, downsells, etc
  • a series of images or videos
  • etc

If you group your products into Collections your members can see and access those they have purchased and see those they have not - in this case a BUY NOW button will replace the ACCESS button

For each product included in a Collection you will be creating a payment integration.  This cannot be the same as that for the Product itself so you have 2 options

  1. Do not integrate with a payment processor at product level.
  2. Clone the sales page, add a distinct product to your payment processor, add new BUY NOW buttons to the cloned sales page - and integrate this "new" payment processor to the Collection. The contents are the same but how the member is registered within your ProductDyno account is different.

In this article:

  1. Create a new Collection and add a Product.
  2. Edit a Collection
  3. Manage a Collection
  4. Clone a Collection
  5. Archives - Deleted Collections

Create a Collection

To Create a Collection, select Collections from the Left Hand Menu and click on Create Collection Button

Give your Collection a name and click CREATE

Add Product to a Collection

Once you click Create, you will be encouraged to add products to your collection:

Click on Add Product To Collection and choose one to be added:

Here you can: 

  1. Select the product you want to add to the collection from a drop-down list of the products you have already included in your ProductDyno account
  2. Specify the URL of the sales page for the product
  3. If this product is to be delivered with any purchased product in the Collection, slide the BONUS button - the Sales Page URL will be needed
  4. Should this product be shown to a member of the Collection with a "Buy Now" button - or hidden?

When you click ADD you will see the product listed in the Collection Products List

This displays all the products that are in the collection and lets you manage them

Repeat this step for all the products you have in your Product Dashboard that you want to add to the Collection

This means that when someone buys any of the products in the Collection, he will be given login details to this collection. The customer will get one login to access all the products - for those he has paid for or received free, he will see an "ACCESS" button.  As you add products, you choose whether the customer will see a "BUY NOW" button for any products that you have set as "Paid Access" and that he has not purchased.

Once you have completed the Add Product Step, by clicking on the 3 dots, you can


Go to Manage Product for this product. Note: any changes made are to the Product itself and will take affect across all Collections in which the product is included


Edit the appearance of the Product


Delete the product from the collection. 

CLICK HERE for next step in the Quick Start Guide - Integrate Payment Gateway(s)

Edit Collection

When you added your collection, you only gave it a name and it will appear on the Manage Collection Dashboard with the default settings:

Just click on the pencil icon.  You can add a description, an image and make sure it is your affiliate link shown on your pages. You can also add a Tag to the Collection. This is for internal management of your collections only - to help you group like Collections should you find you have a great many. For example "live", "in progress", "paused", etc

Note: Collections can be edited at any time.  Just find the one you want to edit in the Collections Dashboard.  You can use the Tags and Search fields to help you locate your Collection

Manage Collection

Just as you can change the visual options of a product to match your branding, so you can with a Collection

More details can be found here:  Customize ProductDyno Delivery Platform

Clone a Collection

Once you have set up one Collection with your branding, etc, you can then clone it to copy across all the products and settings


When you delete a Collection- it is not removed completely from your account - just in case you change your mind!  The Deleted Collection is stored in "Archives" for 60 days and you can restore it if necessary.

NOTE:  If you had chosen a specific ProductDyno subdomain name for the Collection - this name cannot be reused until the Collection is deleted from Archives since, until this has happened, the subdomain name is still in use.

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