Customize ProductDyno Delivery Platform

Here you can change the visual options to match your brand, including language, color, logo and emails

These steps are the same whether you are customizing a Product or a Collection - with a couple additional features for Collections as identified below.

REMEMBER: If you are going to add your Product into a Collection and want a standard "look", you do not need to Customize the Product - you will Customize the Collection.  However if you want different themes for the Products, you need to set the "Products Inside Collections" slider as explained below HERE


In this section, you can change the theme, upload your logo and favicon, change the colors of the text, links, headings, etc., and add custom navigation links, footer, heading and taglines. 

Theme: To change your theme click on the CHANGE THEME button

There are 5 themes you can choose from - more will be added!  

Themes in Collections

Normally the theme of the Collection overrides the theme of any Products added to the Collection so as to present a standard "look" to the customer.  However you can override this by specifying that the Products should retain their own theme and design:

The Logo has a maximum file size of 5MB and it will show on the upper left corner of the page. This is normally a smallish easily identified Company Branding item - not a full-blown image

Customize Colors

You can change the colors and standard text for each of the following - just click on the + (PLUS) sign to open the relevant menu


This is where you change the labels to your preferred representation - this may be, say "Module" instead of "section, or a complete change of language, for example:

.... and many more


Transaction Emails can be edited in this section: Welcome Email, Reset Password,Expiring Soon and Access Revoked  In each case, you can change any wording - even the language the emails are written in.

Please use the shortcodes given - EXACTLY as shown - where you want the member specific data to be inserted by ProductDyno.

Upsell/Cross-Sell in Collections

In a Collection, you have an additional menu item - Upsell/Cross-sell.  Normally when a customer purchases a second or subsequent product in a collection - no email is sent notifying of the login credentials - since they are the same as the customer is already using.  However, since this may cause confusion, you can instruct ProductDyno to send out a new "Welcome" email.

If you turn this feature on, you have the opportunity to compose the email of your choice to be sent to the customer

To comply with GDPR you can customize whether you want a check box to appear on your opt-in forms, etc

Just move the slider to "on" to have the check box.  When you do so, you will get further options to change the text for the check box, to make it a required field and whether to add the subscriber to your list:

Drip Content

If you want to drip-feed your content to your members, that is, successive sections to be shown on specific number of days after joining,  you need to set the Drip Settings when adding the Product Contents.  See "Adding Deliverable Content for your Product" in the list of Related Articles

Here you control whether your members see all the sections when they log in or only the ones that have been released to them

If the slider is OFF - your customers only see the content released to them

If the slider is ON - all content is shown to customers but when they click on a section that has not been released to them yet, they will get the message of your choosing

Custom Code

You can add code here to be applied over the whole product - so CSS formatting, beacons, etc

If you have added any codes, you will see a list here and be able to edit them

When you add a new code or edit an existing one you will get the window:

The title is for your own identification.

Choose where the code should go on the page - header/footer

Choose where in the Product - all pages  / public pages only / private pages only

Great!  That's your product all set up.  Now all that's left is to connect the sales page to the product in ProductDyno so that when someone buys the product - they are given access via a login to your ProductDyno member's area

CLICK HERE for next step in the Quick Start Guide - Payment Integration

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