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Transactional Emails

In the "Emails" tab, you can customize the Welcome, Reset Password, Expiring Soon and Access Revoked emails sent out to your customers by ProductDyno.  There is a basic WYSIWYG editor and you can use the "shortcodes" as given just above the message box #3

On the "Legal Checkbox" tab you control whether your onboarding customers will be required to agree to your Terms of Service, etc by clicking in a checkbox.  This defaults to "off".  Just click the slider to turn on then adapt the legal text to your requirements being sure to add your own company links.  Sliders 2 & 3 give you further options for this check box. 

Enabling this will add a legal checkbox to your registration and checkout pages. 

Drip Content

By default the Drip Content is not visible to your customers before the due date (maturity) for that particular customer.  This is calculated by ProductDyno from the Drip settings in the Content Designer.  However, if you prefer to show the content title but hide the actual content, you'll need a message for the customers who click on the title before their due date! The settings on the "Drip Content" tab enable you to create a custom message to let such customers know it's "too early".   You can use the short codes when creating your message.

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