ProductDyno Hints and Tips - Q&A


Q: I want to be able to give access to a free product within my Collection but I don't want it to display unless someone has specifically registered for it. I may run a different funnel every few months to drive people to the Collection and so I don't want to use the Bonus feature as all free products from any funnel would appear. 

What's the best way to grant access to a product in a Collection without either buying it or simply registering for the collection and seeing a bonus product?

A: The best way to do is to use a third party payment gateway (e.g; Paddle, Paykickstart, Thrivecart etc) and offer the 100% discount or free option.

This way when someone buys that product, he will be to see the product inside the collection. In your Collection > Products, you can use the option of “Hide from non-buyer” to hide the product from customers who have not bought it.

Q: I have several products in one collection. The front end is free and there is an upsell and downsell. How do I let customers access the free front end?

A: In a collection, you will need to choose the "free" product as “Bonus”  to give it away as free. Having free ‘Product’ will not work in the collection.

Q: I currently only have one collection. The members are in a PAID ADVANCED course that comes through a payment gateway. 

I want to funnel people to that collection using a series of introductory courses. I want to make sure my ADVANCED people do NOT see the Free and Intro content so that when they log in they are not confused. I DO want my Advanced people to SEE SOME of the ADVANCED content that I will post for sale, since I sell other things that I want them to see when they log in. 

A: The best way to do is to sell the Introductory courses through your payment gateway - for the free ones, offer the 100% discount or free option.

In your Collection > Products….for the Introductory/Free courses use the option of “Hide from non-buyer” to hide the product from customers who have not bought it. Thus your Advanced members will not see the Introductory courses.  For the products you want all the members to see, you leave the "Hide from non-buyer" option unchecked.

To restrict which products your advanced members see depending on their course, you can add a new "CONTENT SECTION" to your advanced products  (name it something like "Next Steps", or whatever) In that section add the other things you want to sell to these members with a link to the sales/promo page

Q: When products are in a collection, are customers for each individual product added to a list if the autoresponder integration is at "product level"?

A: If you add an autoresponder to the product, the customer is added to that autoresponder. If you include the product (with integrated autoresponder) to a collection that has an integrated autoresponder - then the customer is added to both.

Q: Is there a way to set a time limit access for a free product?

A: This would be done via the payment processor in the form of a free trial for the product, automatically leading into the payment for it or a subscription.  If the customer cancels the payment before the free trial period ends, access would be terminated.

Q: I want to direct both and to ProductDyno.  How do I do this?

A: Unfortunately, ProductDyno supports only one domain at a time. Usually, the root domain is used for the front website and a sub-domain is

Q : Is it possible to hide a site (Product with Cname) from search engines?

A : Unfortunately this is not possible.

Q: In a collection with several products, where the user has purchased some and not others, I would like to have different colors for the "Start" and "Buy Now" buttons.

A: You can use this Custom Code to achieve this:

.single-latest-item .button-default {
background-color: #2da562!important;}

.single-latest-item .button-default:hover {
background-color: #00bb00!important;}

Content/Styling Questions

Q: When using the Content Builder some fields/boxes aren't behaving as expected

A: ProductDyno promarily supports the Chrome browser, especially for the Content Builder.  If you are using a different browser and get unexplained issues, please retry using Chrome

Q: I am getting errors uploading a file. What is the problem?

A: Be sure to double check your file storage integration settings - when copying Key/Secret key/ etc, be sure to swipe select exactly the characters to ensure there are no leading/trailing spaces. For Amazon S3, double check the bucket name, etc

When Uploading files, be sure the file name doesn't include any special characters, spaces, etc.  If they do, the file won't upload

Q: How come my videos aren't showing in the Content Editor?

A: This may be just an issue for you in the Content Editor.  To see what your customer will see, please log in as a customer in a separate window and check the videos from there

Q:  I have a digital program that contains an ebook as a PDF and a series of mp3 recordings.  I want my customers to be able to access these items on the website but NOT be able to download them. Can I do this with ProductDyno?

A: YES!   For PDFs, you can use the Dropbox or Google Drive embed option to show/embed the PDF file in ProductDyno. To ensure the display is mobile responsive be sure to set the "width" parameter to "100%" not a number of pixels. For MP3s, add your MP3 files as content and  ProductDyno's system will render the MP3 player . Alternatively you can embed the mp3 player from any third-party service if they are offering embed code by using the ‘ Code’ element block.

Q: My logo not showing up on my registration or login pages.

A: Are you using the External Content option for your Product? If so, you cannot use the ProductDyno Content Designer even to upload the logo.  The workaround is to disable the External Content option, upload the logo using the Content Designer and then re-enable the External Content option.

Q: There seems to be some styling error in my theme. EG: The text is all squished up to the left and not taking up the full width of the window

A: When you copy text from elsewhere, be sure to paste it "without styling".  Copying and pasting existing styling will cause unexpected results.   For Windows OS:  ctrl + shift + v For Mac OS:  command + shift + v This way editor will not pick the inline style of the text and the text will show properly.

Also,  ‘ Typography’ section is available inside the editor, where you can manage the font sizes, colors, etc.

Q: When I access my  SUPPORTING files, they are downloaded as "admin.html" files and open in my browser.  How can I see the actual content?

A:  To view Supporting files as your member would, you must login as a member either from your login page or via your member dashboard.  Then view the Supporting Files

Q: How can I add Adilo video? (Or any other non-integrated video player)

A: You can use the "add code" and copy the embed code from Adilo.  Check out Adding Codes to your Product Content

Q: How do I upload dmg and .exe files using FTP connection?

A: Usually, hosting providers block such files. You need to use .zip files to upload it.

Q: Where can I upload the creator photo and add my name?

A: Go to your product or collection->Content Designer->Settings->Design->Then you can upload your photo and add your details in Sidebar section here :

Q: When viewing as a member - there are links to ALL the sections showing at the top of the screen. How do I get rid of them?

A: A link to each section is shown in the Navigation settings for each product.  By default these are shown as individual items.  To have ProductDyno display them as a dropdown list - turn on the "Show as Dropdown".  This can be found in the Content Designer of the Collection.  Click on the Product, then Settings -> Navigation Links.  Scroll down and slide the button to "ON"

Q: Can I embed my registration page or checkout page on my own website?

A: Not at the moment - please upvote the request in the Features Request Board

Q: The supporting files are not showing up for my members.

A: Is this on the Home Page in your Product?  If so, in the Content Designer for the Product Home Page, have you ticked the box to say that Supported Files should be shown on the home page?

Payment Processor Questions

Q: What is the procedure for setting up my Stripe account for a Collection with several products?

A: You only add one ProductDyno IPN URL inside Stripe

Q: One Paypal account can just have one IPN for a product. If I have several products at ProductDyno, how can all of them use Paypal IPN?

A: ProductDyno automatically adds an IPN. Even if you don't define an IPN inside PayPal, all will work without any issue. First, integrate PayPal at Global Integration. Get the webhook URL from ProductDyno and enter it in PayPal. Make sure IPN is enabled.

Q: Will ProductDyno handle affiliate commission payouts for my affiliates?

A: As you will discover in the article: What Exactly Does ProductDyno do? ProductDyno does not handle money!  It delivers the content that your buyers have purchased.  Everything to do with sales, affiliate commissions, etc are handled by the payment processor of your choice.  If you are planning to offer an affiliate program - be sure to select a payment method/processor that will do this for you

Q: I noticed in ProductDyno's Zapier "How To Setup" video that the integration is by invitation only. Is it possible to get invited to use the ProductDyno integration in Zapier?

A: Here is the invitation URL: invitation URL is also mentioned inside the ‘Other Integrations’ section:

Q: Can I use Stripe without using ProductDyno Checkout?

A: No, it’s not possible since Stripe is a built-in platform with our system and can not be used without ProductDyno checkout.

Q: My preferred payment gateway is not one you have a native integration for. How can I handle this?

A: There are 3 options:

  1. There is a Payment Gateway called "Offline" available inside ProductDyno. You can use it to create a Payment Gateway. Then you can fetch the list of Payment Gateways and use it via the API. This way your integration may work as a Payment Gateway.
  2. Zapier/Pabbly Integration:

    You would need to choose "Offline" inside ProductDyno when creating a Payment Gateway. This way it will be available inside the Zapier/Pabbly

  3. Expiry Date via API:

    It is available when adding a member to a Collection and you can set the expiry date of any Package Gateway. You can check the documentation here:

Q: When using a payment processor not supported by ProductDyno, can I use API to create a member for a Product?

A: Yes, you can. You would specifically use the Add Member API

Q: When using a payment processor not supported by ProductDyno, is it possible to send out a call to my other scripts informing it of a user's email and payment? 

A: Yes, it's possible to use a WEBHOOK and use it to talk to your scripts. 

Licensing Questions

Q: I am able to use the get and post methods to activate and check license. but I am unclear on several issues. Should I run activation each time ? How do I prevent people from using the same key on multiple computers? I need some help to clear up how and when to use the activation.

A:  Check out this example: ProductDyno License API Example.  You don' t need to run activation every time but check periodically (e.g; CRON Job) if the license is valid.  When activating a license, the vendor needs to send a unique "GUID" with the license...this differentiates one computer from another. Later when user tries to use an already activated key to a different computer, ProductDyno will automatically return the error that this key is already attached to a GUID.

Integration Questions

Q: How do I integrate with my cPanel?

A: The cPanel integration in our system means you can integrate with FTP for videos/file hosting and the custom SMTP settings for sending emails with your SMTP settings. It does not mean that you can connect hosting service details (cpanel username and password) in Product Dyno.

Q:  I have used Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and/or Amazon CloudFront which will begin migration in March 2021.  Will this affect my ProductDyno account?

A: This upcoming migration from Amazon will not affect  ProductDyno's workflow and communication with Amazon S3 buckets. The content from S3 will be served normally via ProductDyno without any issue.

Q: Can I use SFTP Protocol for the FTP integration?

A: No, you can't since ProductDyno system does not support SFTP protocol


Q: My customers are getting EXPIRED/419 Error page

A: 419 error shows when the token is expired or browser page (tab) is open for a certain time without any activity for example 1 hour. Members can simply refresh the page and login again

Q: I am trying to have direct messaging available on one product in a collection. I have enabled it in the product but I can't see any help button when accessing it from the collection. 

A: Messaging needs to be enabled at  the Collection level in this case. Then messaging will be available for all products in this Collection. The product settings for messaging will be applied when product access is given as a solo product not when inside a Collection.

Q: Can I host adult contents using ProductDyno?

A: No, you can't. Our servers are with Amazon USA region and they do not allow offensive content. You can host your own content with WordPress and use the ProductDyno WordPress Plugin to protect it.  

Q: Why is my email services shown as deprecated for Email Marketing Action?

A: We pushed a new version of Aweber. The old connected Aweber account is still woking but we recommend you disconnect and reconnect your Aweber account

Q: Where are the ProductDyno Servers based?

A: We use Amazon Web servers and storage.  The servers are located in USA. We comply with the European GDPR.  Details can be found in the related article

Q: How can I disable the sections at the top navigation of the Teach Pro theme? 

A: Go to the Content Designer, go to Settings and under the Designer Tab. Turn off the option for "Shows Sections in Dropdowns". 

Q: I am getting the error message: OH NO! 

A: ...this is probably because you have previously entered the account of one of your members and therefore don't have access to the features of your own account.  Be sure to close all ProductDyno tabs and log back in as yourself

Q: Why is the document file path is showing when downloading a supporting file? 

A: The link is securely signed, valid for a specific time only, and then expires. 

Q: What are “disposable” emails in the WOMBAT settings?

A: It means we block temporary email services like Tempmail. We are using a third-party API to block such emails. We do not block Gmail, Yahoo etc.

Q: Can I add the link to audio or video files stored on Dropbox to my product?

A: Yes... to insert an audio or video stored on Dropbox into your product, you need to change the URL that Dropbox gives for the share: At the end of the URL, replace  ?dl=0 with  ?raw=1

EG: Dropbox Share URL:

Change URL to:

Q: How can we give bulk access to members in collection while assigning them specific products?

A: We have a bulk import option for importing the members where you can select the Package Gateway to give access.

For the existing members, these two can be useful:

1 - The product can be added as a Bonus inside the Collection.

2 - Create a Stripe or PayPal Payment Gateway - Add the Products in the Collection, and while adding the product in the collection, put the checkout URL (PayPal/Stripe) in the sales page URL field. Now create a coupon from the Coupon section with 100% off and let the user know that they can get access by using that coupon.

Q: What's the purpose of the Publish button in Content?

A: The Publish switch is working as a status of the Content. When you turn off the switch, the content will not be visible to the front-end members.

Q: How do I assign a free product to all the members of a collection?

A: You can assign an "offline" payment processor to the product. You then export all your members then re-import them, assigning the additional product to each. Here is a quick screenflow showing this:

Q: How can I change the logo on the login page of a product using External Content?

A: Turn off the External Content, go to Content Designer, and upload the new logo.

Q: Does ProductDyno have SCORM import functionality?

A: No, ProductDyno does not have this feature. You can submit a feature request HERE.

Q: How can I see the login history for our customers?

A: Log in to your ProductDyno account and click on Business Intelligence. Scroll down to where your Top Customers are shown. Locate the customer you are looking into - you may have to click "Show All" to do so. When you click on the customer's name you are given the customer profile that shows, among other information, the last login date and time, and the Activity Log.

Legal Documents

You can find links to all our legal documents in the footer of each window in your ProductDyno account.

You will have agreed to the "Terms & Conditions", "Privacy Policy" and Data Policies at checkout when you clicked on the "I agree to the ......" button just before clicking the Pay Now Button.

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