ProductDyno Hints and Tips - Q&A

Q1: I want to be able to give access to a free product within my Collection but I don't want it to display unless someone has specifically registered for it. I may run a different funnel every few months to drive people to the Collection and so I don't want to use the Bonus feature as all free products from any funnel would appear. 

What's the best way to grant access to a product in a Collection without either buying it or simply registering for the collection and seeing a bonus product?

A1: The best way to do is to use a third party payment gateway (e.g; Paddle, Paykickstart, Thrivecart etc) and offer the 100% discount or free option.

This way when someone buys that product, he will be to see the product inside the collection. In your Collection > Products, you can use the option of “Hide from non-buyer” to hide the product from customers who have not bought it.

Q2: I have several products in one collection. The front end is free and there is an upsell and downsell. How do I let customers access the free front end?

A2: In a collection, you will need to choose the "free" product as “Bonus”  to give it away as free. Having free ‘Product’ will not work in the collection.

Q3: I currently only have one collection. The members are in a PAID ADVANCED course that comes through a payment gateway. 

I want to funnel people to that collection using a series of introductory courses. I want to make sure my ADVANCED people do NOT see the Free and Intro content so that when they log in they are not confused. I DO want my Advanced people to SEE SOME of the ADVANCED content that I will post for sale, since I sell other things that I want them to see when they log in. 

A3: The best way to do is to sell the Introductory courses through your payment gateway - for the free ones, offer the 100% discount or free option.

In your Collection > Products….for the Introductory/Free courses use the option of “Hide from non-buyer” to hide the product from customers who have not bought it. Thus your Advanced members will not see the Introductory courses.  For the products you want all the members to see, you leave the "Hide from non-buyer" option unchecked.

To restrict which products your advanced members see depending on their course, you can add a new "CONTENT SECTION" to your advanced products  (name it something like "Next Steps", or whatever) In that section add the other things you want to sell to these members with a link to the sales/promo page

Q4: I am able to use the get and post methods to activate and check license. but I am unclear on several issues. Should I run activation each time ? How do I prevent people from using the same key on multiple computers? I need some help to clear up how and when to use the activation.

A4:  Check out this example: ProductDyno License API Example.  You don' t need to run activation every time but check periodically (e.g; CRON Job) if the license is valid.

When activating a license, the vendor needs to send a unique "GUID" with the license...this differentiates one computer from another. Later when user tries to use an already activated key to a different computer, ProductDyno will automatically return the error that this key is already attached to a GUID.

Q5: One Paypal account can just have one IPN for a product? If I have several products at Product Dyno, how can all of them use Paypal IPN?

A5: ProductDyno automatically adds an IPN. Even if you don't define an IPN inside PayPal, all would work without any issue. Integrate first PayPal at Global Integration. Get the webhook URL from ProductDyno and enter it in PayPal. Make sure IPN is enabled. 

Q6: When products are in a collection are customers for each individual product added to a list if the autoresponder integration is at "product level"?

A6: If you add an autoresponder to the product, the customer is added to that autoresponder. If you include the product (with integrated autoresponder) to a collection that has an integrated autoresponder - then the customer is added to both. 

Q7: Is there a way to set a time limit access for a free product?

A7: This would be done via the payment processor in the form of a free trial for the product, automatically leading into the payment for it or a subscription.  If the customer cancels the payment before the free trial period ends, access would be terminated.

Q8: How do I integrate with my cPanel?

A8: The cPanel integration in our system means you can integrate with FTP for videos/file hosting and the custom SMTP settings for sending emails with your SMTP settings. It does not mean that you can connect hosting service details (cpanel username and password) in Product Dyno.

Q9:  I have used Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and/or Amazon CloudFront which will begin migration in March 2021.  Will this affect my ProductDyno account?

A9: This upcoming migration from Amazon will not affect  ProductDyno's workflow and communication with Amazon S3 buckets. The content from S3 will be served normally via ProductDyno without any issue.

Q10: Does ProductDyno accept SCORM files?

A10: Product Dyno doesn't support SCORM files. The work around is to zip the files inside a folder and upload the zip file to Product Dyno. That way, members will be able to download and unzip on their end.

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