General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is the EU General Data Protection Regulation that replaces the old Data Protection Directive and came into force on the 25th May, 2018.

The new regulations apply to any business that processes the data of any individual who resides within the EU and refine the transparency rules for how companies describe their data processing. So even if your business isn’t based within the EU, you still need to comply with the new regulations if any of your clients (website visitors) are from the EU.

PromoteLabs is actively trying to implement and comply with GDPR.

We have updated our  Privacy Policy to make it easier for you to understand what information we collect and why we collect it. Please take time to read it since we describe our practices and explain the options you have to update, manage, export and delete your data.

Here are some useful documents about the General Data Protection Regulation: 

Text of the GDPR

Information Comissioner's Office:


We recommend reading this informative post from Thrive Themes on GDPR

The Smart Way to Make Your Opt-In Forms & Email Marketing GDPR Compliant

The Service we are using to prepare our documentation is  Disclaimer Template

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They have proved very knowledgeable on all things to do with GDPR, websites, etc.

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