WOMBAT Purchase-Based Referrals

For more information on running a successful referral marketing campaign for memberships just head to https://productdyno.com/wombat/

You can offer rewards to your members when a share results in a sale using a specific coupon

Here are some examples of how you could implement the new WOMBAT Paid Referral system:

 Give your friends 30% off (my new course) and you get 30% off your next purchase with me
 Give your friends $20 off (my new book) and you get $20 off your next purchase with me
 Share (my paid newsletter / course name) with your friends and earn rewards (you set milestone rewards based on number of referrals and rewards could be anything you want)
 Get a cash bonus of up to $1000/month (Earn $10 for each friend who completes their purchase of product X)
 Earn $10 for every friend who gets (my new book, course etc)- Share (my paid product) with your friends and earn a $25 gift card for every new referral
 Refer 3 friends (to my paid product) and get a free upgrade (to my higher level membership)

  Give your friends 50% off (my paid product) and you get a free course of your choice from my collection after you've referred 5 friends.

  Get my cool swag gear (mugs, t-shirts, backpacks etc) for every friend who joins (my paid membership)


In the WOMBAT dashboard activate the Purchase-Based Referral Rewards

You then select which of the Payment Platform your product/collection is being sold.  At the moment the Purchase-Based Referral Rewards is available on PayPal, Stripe and PayKickStart. Other platforms will be added in due course.

Once you have selected the Payment Platform you then select the Payment Gateway from a drop-down list of those created for this Product/Collection that this campaign is going to be using.

With this option activated - referrals are only counted when the coupon is used  to actually purchase the product being promoted

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