WOMBAT Purchase-Based Referrals

For more information on running a successful referral marketing campaign for memberships just head to https://productdyno.com/wombat/

You can offer rewards to your members when a share results in a sale using a specific coupon

Here are some examples of how you could implement the new WOMBAT Paid Referral system:

 Give your friends 30% off (my new course) and you get 30% off your next purchase with me
 Give your friends $20 off (my new book) and you get $20 off your next purchase with me
 Share (my paid newsletter / course name) with your friends and earn rewards (you set milestone rewards based on number of referrals and rewards could be anything you want)
 Get a cash bonus of up to $1000/month (Earn $10 for each friend who completes their purchase of product X)
 Earn $10 for every friend who gets (my new book, course etc)- Share (my paid product) with your friends and earn a $25 gift card for every new referral
 Refer 3 friends (to my paid product) and get a free upgrade (to my higher level membership)

  Give your friends 50% off (my paid product) and you get a free course of your choice from my collection after you've referred 5 friends.

  Get my cool swag gear (mugs, t-shirts, backpacks etc) for every friend who joins (my paid membership)


In the WOMBAT dashboard activate the Purchase-Based Referral Rewards

You then select which of the Payment Platform your product/collection is being sold.  At the moment the Purchase-Based Referral Rewards is available on PayPal, Stripe and PayKickStart. Other platforms will be added in due course.

NOTE: It is not possible to use Thrivecart for Purchase-Based Referrals because Thrivecart does not offer a hidden form input. If this is important to you, we suggest you contact the Thrivecart team and request this feature. As soon as Thrivecart has it - it can be implemented in ProductDyno

Once you have selected the Payment Platform you then select the Payment Gateway from a drop-down list of those created for this Product/Collection that this campaign is going to be using.

With this option activated - referrals are only counted when the coupon is used  to actually purchase the product being promoted

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