What Exactly Does ProductDyno do?

ProductDyno is a flexible digital product delivery platform that takes care of user management and product delivery according to payment information provided by your payment gateway. 

ProductDyno does not handle money! …it comes into force after your "prospect" becomes your "customer".

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ProductDyno is A NEW WAY to effectively manage clients and efficiently deliver all your premium digital content, software, licensed products and digital services... No need to purchase additional expensive membership software/plugins!


ProductDyno is a way to catalog all your individual products.  They can then be grouped (into " Collections") according to the funnels you have set up in your payment gateway(s) so that each buyer has only one ProductDyno login for a particular funnel regardless of how many products he purchases in a funnel. 

Each product can be integrated with a payment gateway and sold individually; or included in a Collections - or Funnels - in which case the payment gateway integration is done at Collection level.

One important concept is that the products in the funnel are no longer " One Time Offers" since once a buyer has an account he will be able to see and access anything he has purchased and see anything he hasn't.  Maybe it would be beneficial to think in terms of Front End Offer, Upsell Offer 1, Upsell offer 2, etc!

Product Deliverables

  1. We recommend you link your ProductDyno account to Amazon S3 - this will give fast, inexpensive (free to start) access for your members to your videos, audios, reports, text, images, PDFs and zip files.  You can also link to your hosting via FTP - we recommend you only do this if you are familiar with FTP.  We also recommend you set up a new FTP account exclusively for ProductDyno. The access will be slower and you do need to be sure you have sufficient "capacity" both in terms of access and downloads in your hosting plan.
  2. Deliver your materials from where you already have them stored online by using the "Enable External Content" feature. Access to these deliverables is protected by a security code that ProductDyno gives you to put on each page of the product.

Payment Processors

ProductDyno does not do any payment processing on its own…it comes into force after your "prospect" becomes your "buyer".

You will have your sales page as "normal" - on your server, with the URL of your domain name, maybe.  You will have linked your sales page "BUY NOW" buttons to a payment processor e.g Stripe, JVZoo etc - be sure to choose one from the list of integrated payment processors.  You set up your funnel, etc  in the payment processor and then use the product ID, etc to link the payment to the Product or Collection (funnel) in ProductDyno - so it knows whether to allow access or not. We have step by step tutorials on how to do this for all the payment gateways currently integrated with ProductDyno.

Since ProductDyno doesn't handle payments - it follows that it doesn't handle anything to do with affiliate commissions, etc


ProductDyno keeps track of all of your leads and buyers, creating a ProductDyno member account for each one.  You can manually add and remove members as well as grant and deny a member access to any product or collection, etc

List Building 

As your customer list grows, so does your email list.  

  1. You can send marketing and transactional emails to your members, all from inside your ProductDyno Account
  2. You can "front end" a series of paid products with a free lead magnet - which then leads the subscriber to be presented with other relevant products and encouraged to "Buy Now"

Set Up Within ProductDyno

You have one account in ProductDyno where you "catalog" all your products/courses/etc.  You can make them  free access or paid access. 

Then you can gather related Products into a Collection. These can be 

  • A course with a free starter module (Product 1)  then paid modules (Product 2)
  • A sales funnel with Front End Product (Product 1), Upsell 1 (Product 2), Upsell 2 ( Product 3), Downsell (Product 4)
  • etc (send in your suggestions!)

For each Collection you can Customize it with your company branding, language, email wording, etc. You also integrate the payment gateways for each of the included products sales page (for paid products).  For free access products/courses - your promotion page links directly to the Registration Page for your Collection

You then drive traffic to your sales pages and promo pages.  As prospects purchase a paid product or register for a free one - they are added as members to that Collection and notified of their account login information to the Collection.

Once inside, all members can see and access all free products and all products they have purchased

They can also see (but not access) all paid products they have not purchased - this encourages them to buy more!

If they purchase/register for any further products they will not receive login information - the access to the product will be added to their existing Collection account

You can of course sell individual Products by integrating the payment gateway to the product itself (it cannot then be added to a Collection) and driving traffic to the sales page or promo page.  You can customize the individual products with regard to company branding, language, email wording, etc  just like you can for the Collections.

Please note that you cannot integrate a payment gateway for a product at both Product and Collection level - it's either/or.  Should you want a product to be available as a standalone Product and in a Collection, you will need to clone it both in ProductDyno and in your payment processor and set one as the standalone Product and include the other in the Collection


Please check out our ProductDyno Blog for the latest information and updates  HERE: https://productdyno.com/blog/

We also have updates posted here: https://updates.productdyno.com/

Feature Requests

You can see what new features have been requested  HERE Please feel free to create an account!

If the one you are thinking of is already there - please add your vote to help push it up the list

If the one you are thinking of is not there - please feel free to add it

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