Integration with SMTP Mail Servers for TRANSACTIONAL Emails

The transactional emails - welcome email and password reset emails - are, by default sent from the email address:

Should you want, you can instead have them appear to have been sent by your own mail server.  To do this you can integrate with your mail server via the SMTP protocol.

In Your Mail Server

First, get this information from your mail server - either directly from your account or, in many cases, via Google!

This shows a search for these details for MailJet

Make a note of the settings required by ProductDyno : see below

In ProductDyno

Be sure your autoresponder is in the list on the sales page at

  • Log in to your account and select Global Integrations->Transactional Emails

  • Click to Add:

  • Complete the fields as per your mail server settings

  • TEST your settings by heading to  If the test doesn't work, check your credentials and encryption settings.  These are usually the culprits!
  • Click SAVE

You can add as many mail server integrations as you need for your products.

Integrate A Product with An SMTP Mail Server

When you add your product to your ProductDyno account, by default, the transactional emails will be sent from as shown when you go to the Transactional Emails Integration for the product

To change this you can link your product to one of your Global Integrations in 3 easy steps:

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