Managing Members of Product or Collection

Members are added to the database when they purchase your paid products or when they sign up/register for free products.  

Manage Members

You can view, add, delete members and you can access their account. Go to Product/Collection --> click Manage --> Members

1. Add Members

Fill out the information and add tag, e.g. Team Members, Admin, etc. Note: The password is generated by the system and sent to the member in a Welcome message, using their email as the username. 

Tick the member status (for active/inactive account), and choose packages. You also have an option to set an expiry date for the membership. 

You also have the option to import members. Please refer to the video HERE for the process.

2. Search Members

You can filter by Products purchased, Payment Gateways used, Tags or Email/Name in searching for members. 

Once you've found the member you're looking for you can 

  • Login In to your product as that member
  • Edit the record as shown below
  • Delete the member

3. Edit Member

After adding a member, you can still edit the member's info, tags, change password, add or remove the product access or set it to inactive account. Another feature included is adding an admin note on the member's account. 

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