Integration with Autoresponder for MARKETING Emails

When buyers are added to your ProductDyno account you can also have their details added to an Autoresponder List of your choice. 

Please Note: this only applies to these integrated autoresponder services mentioned on the sales page.

We are adding to the list all the time and if your favorite isn't in the list, do add your "vote" on our  Feature Request Board!

Global Integration

To be able to link a product or collection to an autoresponder and have the members added to your list you first have to create the integration settings in the Global Integration section of your account.

  • In your Dashboard click on Marketing Emails

Click to add an integration

Choose your autoresponder service from the dropdown list

  • Depending on which one you choose, you will see more fields that you have to complete.
  • Get this information from your autoresponder service - for help with that, check out the FAQ of the autoresponder service itself
  • Click Save

Product/Collection Level Integration

REMEMBER: If you are going to add your Product into a Collection, you don't need to add the autoresponder integration to the Product - you will do it in the Collection. If you do add an integration to an autoresponder ino the product, any buyers will be added to both the Product and the Collection(if any)integrated lists

  • Select Product or Collection->Integrations

  • Select Marketing Emails and Select a Service

  • Now you will see all the autoresponders you linked to in the Global Integration.  Select the one you want the members of this product to be added to

  • ProductDyno will connect to the autoresponder service and show the lists set up in there for you to choose which one the subscribers should be added to 

Please Note:  If you see "Loading" and no lists, this means there is a problem with the account integration.  Please head back to Global Integrations and check your settings.

  • Click SAVE!

We strongly recommend you use the ProductDyno SMTP for sending the transactional emails.  In which case...

You have finished setting up your Product/Collection


(Go get a coffee???)

If you still need to set up your Collection: 

CLICK HERE for next step in the Quick Start Guide.....Collections

If you really must use your own domain to send transactional can find more information HERE

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