Set up Payment Gateway for Collection

Some Payment Gateways need to be set up first at Global Integration before they can be used at Collection level. 

The following payment processors need to be added in "Global Integrations". 

Convertri          Clickbank Gumroad Paddle
PayPal   Stripe Thrivecart

Any not mentioned here do not need "Global Integration" and so you can skip to  HERE

Please follow the step by step instructions for each specific integration  HERE

Adding Payment Gateways at Collection level

1. Go to the Collection Dashboard and click Manage --> Payment Gateways --> Add Payment Gateways

2. Choose a "title" so you can identify this integration and choose the payment gateway you want to use. 

All Products In This Collection Radio Button indicates that all products in the Collection are to be released to the member on the purchase of any one

If that is not your intention, slide the button to off and select just the product(s) that this purchase releases to the buyer:

In this case you will probably want to add a Payment Gateway for each of the products individually. A Collection can have as many Payment Gateways identified as necessary.

Enable Expiration Feature

This feature allows you to sell products from which you want to withdraw access rights after a certain period of time

CLICK HERE for next step in the Quick Start Guide - Autoresponder Settings

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