FlipGuardian Collect Payment Campaign

Collect Payment - the viewer must pay to read more than the free content available.  

You can see a demo HERE. This is a live demo and you can purchase the book and download for $1.95

Campaign Type Settings

Select the Collect Payment Gate Option. Now specify the action to be taken once ungated (Show PDF or Simple Redirect) and the Unit price and Currency.  The subscriber can also be added to subscription services.  Finally compose your welcome email to your new subscriber

Ungate Redirect Mode Field:  This specifies what happens when the viewer successfully completes their payment. You can choose the mode from 3 options :

  1. Show Full PDF - this is the default.  The viewer is shown the complete, ungated PDF once they enter the password
  2. Simple Redirect - redirects the viewer to the chosen URL without delivering the PDF - be sure to deliver the PDF as promised!
    • You then have the option of choosing whether the redirect will be opened as a Main page (the default) or in an iFrame. 

  3. Advanced Redirect - for "techies" only!  redirects the viewer to the chosen URL with a URL modifier (For details CLICK HERE)

For the large majority of members the Simple Redirect will be sufficient.

*Specify your price and currency
You can optionally also add subscribers to  your autoresponder list, a webinar, a ProductDyno membership or any where else that can be done with Zapier
These are the settings for the welcome email to your customer.  You can set to your desired values, including editing the simple text in the email itself, using the shown shortcodes.

Gate Styling Settings

  1. Enter the Placeholder text for First Name, Last Name and Email.  Note: there are no options to collect anything different to these 3 fields
  2. Choose the Button Color from the choices shown in the dropdown list
  3. Enter your T&C text and links to them and your Privacy Policy.  If you do not require a Tick Box, just slide the button to turn it off
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