FlipGuardian Set Up & Edit Your Campaigns

In this article:

  1. Campaign Management Dashboard
    1. Import a Campaign
  2. Your PDF Settings
  3. Campaign Type & Gate Styling
  4. Page Settings - including setting the branding
  5. Annotations
  6. Videos
  7. Deploy Your Campaign

Campaign Management Dashboard"

By default, campaigns are sorted alphabetically on the campaign name but you can click the arrows on any column to sort ascending/descending. To edit a campaign, click the campaign name or select EDIT from the "Actions" Menu

Pause - Pause the Campaign
Preview - Preview the Campaign - NOTE:  This is as it says - to SEE how the campaign LOOKS; it is not functional.
Edit - Edit the Campaign
Clone - Make a copy of the Campaign: this makes it easy to have a company "template"
Get Code - Deploy your campaign (see below)
Reset Stats - Clear down the Views/Unique Views/Conversions/Conversion Rate numbers
Delete - NOTE: this in NOT reversible.  Once a campaign is deleted - it is gone!

NOTE: When you use the Preview link URL for your campaigns the statistics are NOT updated since you wouldn't want to register each of your views and tests, etc.  Be sure to NOT use this Preview URL to drive traffic to!

Import a Campaign

If you have been given an Import Code to import a ready-made campaign, just follow these steps:

Your PDF Settings

  1. Give your campaign a name for your reference - your subscribers don't see this.
  2. Product Name is used in emails, etc to the subscribers. This is restricted to 30 characters so that it doesn't "upset" the layouts where it is inserted.  If you don't complete this field, the first 30 characters of the campaign name will be used when necessary
  3. Add the campaign to a Category if you wish to - eg "Affiliate Marketing", "Mind Set", etc.
  4. Upload the PDF.  Once uploaded you will get 3 more fields

  5. Allow Download After Ungating: Yes/No.  If Yes the viewer can download the PDF.  If No - the PDF cannot be downloaded
  6. Allow Sharing: Yes/No.  You may be showing an ungated PDF in a membership site and don't want it shared outside the membership.  Alternatively you may be happy to have your PDF shared to broaden the audience
  7. Enable Preview First X Pages:  Do you want your viewers to see a few pages before "ungating" - 0 means no pages are shown before the gate of your choice

Campaign Type & Gate Styling

Depending on the Campaign Type you choose - you will be given different fields to set up the Type and Styling of your Gate.

Check out the full description of each type of Campaign by clicking on the links here:

Also shown in the articles referenced below in "Related Articles"

Page Settings - Style and Settings

These settings only apply when flip book is displayed on a stand-alone page, either hosted or uploaded to your site.  Obviously, if you embed your flip book on a page on your own website, those existing page settings apply

Complete these fields for this particular campaign. If you have taken the White Label Branding option, you will be able to choose your branding here.  Remember - you will have set up "Your Brand" when completing the Account Settings.  If you've missed that, check the article indexed at the bottom under "Related Articles"

When creating the Page Settings (Step 4), for text fields, you can use the WYSIWYG styling options for font, foreground/background color, etc.  To get the WYSIWYG menu, just select the text to be styled - being sure that when you select the text, your cursor doesn't go outside the "box"!  

Your hosted page will have a color background - according to the color you have chosen. Alternatively you can upload a background image of your choice

Annotations - Add Annotations

This feature is only available to PRO users.  If you want to have access, just click HERE to buy the PRO Upgrade

The annotations will pop over the page of the PDF giving your viewers "added interest".  You can include just information or pointers to the text, or add links to supporting websites, products to buy, etc.

Here is an example of an annotation

Annotation setup: How the annotation will appear:

You can add as many annotations in whatever order you like.  Don't worry about what order you add them in the dashboard, they will appear on the correct pages when you save and view your page.

Videos- Add Videos

This feature is only available to PRO users.  If you want to have access, just click HERE to buy the PRO Upgrade

For each video (Gated/Ungated), if you are using a YouTube Video, you can specify where you want to start playing from and where you want the video to stop playing.  You specify the start/end time in number of seconds

Gated Video: This means that the video will be shown after the viewer enters their details If a video is provided, enter the URL of the video in MP4 format or the embed code from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia

For "Gated Video" the options are :

  1. No Video
  2. At Start (As soon as player loads, before the PDF shows)
  3. Pre Gate - Directly before the gate you have selected,  so if you split your PDF at page 7 and it's a lead gate then the lead collection form appears on page 7 - But if this option is selected then the video will appear on page 7 before the gate appears.

Ungated Video: This plays the video without the viewer entering any details If a video is provided, enter the URL of the video in MP4 format or the embed code from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia

For "Ungated Video" the options are:

  1. No Video
  2. At Start (at the start of the document)
  3. At End (the video will appear on the last page) 

Deploy Your Campaign

The options are described in this article: FlipGuardian - Deploy Your Campaign

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