FlipGuardian Q & A

  1. What is the recommended size for a Background Image?
    The file size should be less that 0.5MB (500Kb).  With regards to image size, we suggest, to get the most of your image shown on the biggest set of screens, you should aim for 1920x1080 or at least a size with a 16:9 aspect ratio

  2. Is There A Limit To How Many PDFs I Can Upload?
    YES!  We class each uploaded PDF as a new campaign and each account comes with 25 active campaign slots.
    If you need more slots, we offer Campaign Expansion Pack that add 100 additional campaign slots into your account - You can purchase as many of these packs as you require. More Information Here
    NOTE:  If you delete an existing live campaign the slot is re-opened and a new PDF/Campaign can be created in it's place.
  3. Do I Own My Own Content?
    Yes, You own the content you upload. We will never use, share your content and user data.
  4. Do You Limit Bandwidth?
    No we don't!  You can capture unlimited email subscribers/leads and collect unlimited payments from all of your active campaigns and we include free page hosting for each campaign too.
    This also includes password protected campaigns which means whether your collecting leads, making sales or just providing your tribe with free access to your content, you'll never be restricted or held back by us.
  5. Which Payment Gateways Are Included?
    FlipGuardian has a robust integration with Stripe that streamlines how you accept payments. With Stripe we can also create a seamless customer experience to boost conversion rates by offering digital wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
    All FlipGuardian players are securely hosted / served to your site and our Stripe payment gateway is PCI compliant, ensuring your readers can browse and purchase from your player safely.  
    Stripe is a certified Level 1 PCI credit card payment processor. They process your payments and transfer the funds to your bank account.
  6. Are There Transaction Fees On My Sales?
    YES!  FlipGuardian charges a flat transaction fee of 2% on our current Beta annual plan.  Stripe charges you an additional credit card processing fee that varies by country. See Stripe pricing for more details.
  7. Is FlipGuardian Easy To Use?
    Yes it is!  FlipGuardian offers the fastest way to publish your research, reports, books, magazines, brochures, catalogues, newsletter and more to the web and all in just a few clicks. Simply upload a PDF, choose a campaign goal (collect leads/collect payments/password protection or ungated), quickly configure your settings and grab a link to your already hosted flipbook page and go. Or get the copy and paste code snippet to embed the player directly in your website, blog, or LMS - Zero tech skills or support required.
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