FlipGuardian - Deploy Your Campaign

Once you have created your campaign, it's time to deploy it - show it to the public.  You have 4 options:

Your Hosted Campaign Page

Just copy the URL and drive traffic to it!  Remember that you can turn off Sharing in the PDF Settings should you choose to.

Embed On Your Webpage

You can copy the Code Snippet and add it to your webpage where you want your flipbook to appear.  We recomment you check the "Responsive" box unless you are embedding in a WordPress page builder.  In this case, be sure to uncheck the Responsive box as your page builder will have it's own code for handling responsiveness.

Use the "Enhanced Mobile Mode" if you have only a very small embed area to enable those using cellphones to be able to read your flipbook

Download Your Page

Give it the name you want on the URL when you upload it to your website.  Once downloaded you can then use FTP or cPanel to upload to your own site

Get Export Code

If you want to share a campaign, maybe to affiliates or course attendees, you can give them the export code and they can import the campaign, PDF and all the settings.  You can allow/disallow these settings for the person importing the campaign:

  • Repurpose: Allow the gate purpose to be changed i.e. from Lead Capture to Password Access, etc
  • Download Change: Allow post-gate download status to be changed.  i.e. if you had this set to NO, do you want the person importing this campaign to allow downloads
  • Price Change: Allow the paygate price to be changed - or not.

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