FlipGuardian Advanced Redirect Feature

We recommend you only choose Advanced Redirect if you are a "techie" and understand PHP/Javascript, query strings, parameters, etc

Be sure to have backups of your site before modifying your code.  

We do not offer support on the use of the "query string" on your site.  

If you don't understand the following instructions: DO NOT USE Advanced Redirect!

Advanced Redirect does the same as Simple Redirect with the addition that it passes the full URL of the unlocked PDF.
For example - if a campaign were set up like this:

and the actual URL to which it would be redirected would look like this 

You can see that it passes the unlocked PDF in a query string parameter called "fg_pdf"
NOTE: The URL of the Unlocked PDF is different for each and every customer so the query string will be different for each and every customer

If you use this form of redirect, you can then access that parameter from your webpage - in the example this would be on the page https://adomain.com/abc.php - using PHP or Javascript as follows :

  • PHP
  • Javascript
var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search);var fg_pdf=urlParams.get('fg_pdf');

The above code will place the full PDF URL in a variable called fg_pdf and you can deal with it in your code on your page as you wish.

If you use WordPress there are plugins that let you extract parameters from the query string such as: https://wordpress.org/plugins/url-params/


  1. Backup your site first.
  2. Only do this if you know what you're doing
  3. We do not offer support for the coding on your page such as investigating if what you want to happen doesn't.
  4. Maybe take the time to read this article which has tips to avoid breaking your whole WordPress site: https://www.nosegraze.com/edit-functions-php/

Example use case for this feature :

If, when someone buys a PDF, you want to redirect them to an OTO upsell page before you show them the full PDF, to offer your training course to go alongside the PDF.

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