FlipGuardian Payment Processor Options

FlipGuardian processes payments using Stripe. You can get read all about it and get an account here: https://flipguardian.com/stripe/

With Stripe, your readers can pay for your titles using their preferred credit or debit card – or with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay.  With tracking and monitoring sales made easy, you'll spend less time managing and more time selling securely with Stripe.

If you must use a different payment processor or shopping cart we suggest you use a Lead Capture campaign in the first instance with a free product and add the subscriber to a ProductDyno membership where you showcase your paid FlipGuardian Products.  In this way, you can use any of the payment platforms offered in ProductDyno - check out the options HERE.  You would then deliver your paid-for, ungated FlipGuardian campaigns by adding the embed code from FlipGuardian as a code block in ProductDyno. 

Unfortunately, PayPal does not provide the level of API/integration that modern platforms like ours require, nor do they consistently deliver the server response speeds we need to ensure smooth and seamless cart experience for your buyers.  PayPal's current client support capability and lengthy response times to technical queries also make them an unreliable choice in our opinion.  We have no plans to consider using or integrating their services in the future.  

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