FlipGuardian Videos and Gates

A short pitch video in front of a pay gate could double or triple your sales.  Some bonus video content at the end of the paid book may double or triple your sales.  A thank you message after someone buys or opts in could improve your relationships with your readers/buyers leading to more sales

Note: this feature is only available for PRO Accounts.  If you'd like to take the PRO upgrade to get this feature just click HERE

When setting up your PDF, FlipGuardian offers two videos, Gated and Ungated.  It's worth noting that the "gates" are referring to the PDF not the videos

Let's look at an example scenario:

You are selling a 100 page PDF course on traffic secrets for $19. So you set the PDF up to gate with a Pay Gate at page 10.  Your customer comes along and reads the first 10 pages of the book,  hopefully getting them to want to read more and pay for the rest.  

BUT you might need to reinforce it so you set up a sales video to show either at the start of the PDF or immediately prior to the Pay Gate on page 10, which thanks them for reading the "free" part and extolls the virtues of the full course - telling them how amazing the rest of it is and hopefully convinces them to press the buy button on the PayGate.  Once the customer has paid - (s)he now has "ungated" access to the full PDF course

So, the purpose of the "Gated Video" is primarily as a sales aid.

Now,  once they have purchased, you also want to "upsell" a more advanced course with, say, one to one DFY traffic at $1995.  So you can put ANOTHER video in the  ungated full version of the pdf that they have purchased.  Let's say you set this video to play at the end of the ungated pdf.  So they read the 100 pages, get loads of traffic info that they love and at that point you want them to see a DIFFERENT sales video saying that if they want to cut to the chase and have the many procedures outlined in the book about getting traffic "Done For Them",  they can just visit a link (that you can embed in the final page) and buy your high ticket course - whereupon all the work will be done for them and they will get one on one training as well.  So, another sales video but for a different thing (an upsell essentially).

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