Quick Start with PostGopher

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1. Login to your Post Gopher Dashboard and click the product you purchased. 

2. It will open to another page where you can download the plugin, installation help and bonuses. 


1. To download, click "access" the Post Gopher Plugin and follow the instructions regarding the license code. 

2. Install the plugin in Wordpress. 

3. Click Post Gopher from the dashboard and enter the license key. (CLICK HERE to discover how to find your license key)

4. Then make sure the plugin is activated.


1. Preview the CTA Button

2. Change the text on the button

3. Button Style - change the text color, background color, border color, etc. 

4. Button Placement - you can either place the button on top or bottom and align it left, center or right. 

5. Show Button On - choose to show it on all posts and pages or choose posts in selected categories. 

Lead Generation Set-Up

1: Autoresponder

Choose which autoresponder you want to integrate. Depending on the one chosen, different fields will be presented for you to complete. In each case, enter the required information and click SAVE - then you will get a dropdown list to select the autoresponder list the subscribers should be added

  1. Aweber: Authorization code, save, then select list
  2. ConvertKit: API Key and API Secret, save, then select list
  3. GetResponse: API Key, save, then select campaign
  4. MailChimp: API key, save, then select list
  5. MailerLite: API Key, save, the select list
  6. RapidMailer: Offsite code for selected list
  7. Sendlane: API Key, Hash Key, Subdomain, save, then select list

Use Optin Form for any autoresponder not found in the list. Paste in the RAW HTML for the sign-up form
  • HTML input field name for the email
  • HTML input field name for the name

For Example: 
Name:<input type=“text” name=“ fname” required>
Email:<input type=“email” name=“ email” required>

...you would use the value from the name field of the input for the same type. So 
  • HTML input field name for the email: email
  • HTML input field name for the name: fname

2. Lead Capture Form

  1. Form Fields - two options: Name and Email, and Email Only
  2. Form Header 
  3. Form Blurb 

  4. You can customize the button, change the text, text and background color. 
  5. Form Footer - 
  6. Thank you Message - customize the message your subscribers see after they enter their email address.
  7. Use Google reCAPTCHA or not


3: Lead Capture Email

You can enter the email address and name that the lead capture emails should be sent from. Customize the email subject and email content. 

NOTE: You can use BLOGNAME, POST_TITLE and DOWNLOAD_LINK and they will be replaced accordingly with their respective values.

Download Link Expiry

If your subscriber doesn't download the PDF within the specified time he will be redirected back to the blog post instead


1. First, you choose which template you want to use. 

2. Template Colors - choose the color scheme you want to use. 

3. Name - you can use your name, company name, blog name or URL. 

4. Title - you can tick the box to use the page/post title or you can enter a generic title

5. Logo - you can select images from media library or upload images. 

6. Summary/Excerpt - You can use the post excerpt as the summary or enter a generic blog summary.

7. Include Images - if you tick the box, the featured image in the post/page will be used as the main image in some templates


1. Show page numbers - yes or no

2. Include Link To Original Content or Generic URL - you can tick the box if you want to include a link back to the original content. If the box is unchecked you can enter the generic URL. 

3.  Copyright Message - you can either enter a copyright message or leave it empty

4. Powered By Link - Entering your JVZoo ID only (not whole affiliate link URL) will allow you to earn passive income from Post Gopher's 'Powered By' links. Please see related FAQ  Promote Post Gopher

SAVE CHANGES... Don't forget!

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