My Opt-ins aren't being added to my autoresponder

There are a whole host of reasons for signups not appearing in the autoresponder.
 Assuming the autoresponder is connected correctly and that there are no error messages appearing during  the setup, then some of the reasons for the signups not appearing could be:
- The email's domain is banned by the autoresponder -, are commonly blocked by autoresponders. Please contact your Autoresponder Service giving them the details of the list in question,  and ask them if they are getting any errors their end.  There may be some kind of restriction on the list you have selected.
- The email has been on a list before. If an email has previously been on an autoresponder list and un-subscribed, the autoresponder will never add it back on.

- The autoresponder list is set to double opt in and the email has not been confirmed yet. An email address won't appear until the recipient has clicked the "confirm" link in the email sent by the autoresponder

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