Post Gopher Q&A

Q1: My autoresponder service isn't listed in the Leadgen Setup.  What can I do?

A: In the Leadgen settings there is an option to use the HTML Form Code from your autoresponder service

Q2: In LeadGen Settings, what do I put in the "HTML input field name for the email" field

A: Given these two input fields for example (from your opt-in form HTML)

Name:<input type=“text” name=“ name” required>

Email:<input type=“email” name=“ email” required> would use the value from the name field of the input for the same type. So 
  • HTML input field name for the email: email
  • HTML input field name for the name: name

Q3: What are the system requirements for Post Gopher?

A: You'll need a standard host, a self-hosted WordPress site 4.4 (or higher) with a minimum of PHP 5.3 (5.6+ Recommended). This is standard on 99% of hosting platforms and a minimum standard for many commercial plugins.

Q4:  Why is there HTML showing on the Title Page of my PDF?

A: What is being shown there is the Post Extract.  Post Gopher gets this from WordPress for the Post. An extract is not allowed to have HTML/CSS in it. If no extract has been set then WordPress will create one from the first few lines of the post. If you are getting HTML/CSS it is likely that you have embedded CSS and that is being pulled over to the extract. The way to avoid this is to explicitly set the extract for the post, by going to the post editor and down below the post content is the extract box. We consider it inadvisable to put CSS/HTML directly into the post body.

Q5: I set up the email form for Post Gopher, but...nothing happens. When the send button is hit, the download link message does not show. 

A: This may be due to a conflict with other WP plugins that handle emails.  We have had reports that WP Mail SMTP causes this

Q6:  Will the URLs of my YouTube videos be shown in the PDF?

A: If the YouTube video has been embedded using the standard Wordpress embed facility, then PG will link to the URL. If it's from another plugin or other system, there is no way for PG to discover what the underlying URL is

Q7: Can I buy  the Unlimited Site Option and use Post Gopher on my clients' sites?

A: No. This version of Post Gopher is for personal use on sites you own and run

Q8: Is the conversion to PDF done locally, completely by the plugin, or does the plugin use an external site or external code or library to facilitate the conversion?

A: PostGopher does all it's work locally with absolutely no need for any external site or service.

Q9: I'm getting the error message: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini

A: This error is due to the limitation put in place by your hosting provider. Many providers set the maximum upload file size at 2MB and the PostGopher zip is 2.5MB.  You can contact your hosting provider and request to increase your maximum upload file size for you.

Q10: How do I add my affiliate link?

A: Please follow the instructions in this FAQ: Promote Post Gopher

Q11: Can I gather any other fields than name and email?

A:  At the moment these are the only fields enabled, we will consider additional ones in future updates if possible

Q12: How does my reader know which page is ready for download?

A:   You can use BLOGNAME, POST_TITLE and DOWNLOAD_LINK and they will be replaced accordingly with their respective values. See the FAQ Quick Start with PostGopher Specifically PDF Setup instructions

Q13: Can I use Double Opt-in?

A: The single/double optin is all down to the settings in your autoresponder.  Post Gopher has no control over that. When a customer requests the PDF of your blog post, Post Gopher passes the subscriber details to your autoresponder, prepares the PDF and sends it.  Job done!  If you have set your autoresponder to require double optin, the AR will send a confirmation email to the subscriber but NOT add them to the specified list until they confirm they want to be added.  So, for double opt in, the customer gets 2 emails - the PDF link from Post Gopher and the confirmation email from the AR.  For single opt-in the customer gets only the PDF link from Post Gopher - and is automatically added to your list in the AR.

Q14:  Is there a recommended size for the logo?

A: The maximum size is 620 x 350

Q15: Can I change any of the (control) text in the PDF such as "CLICK HERE TO READ ONLINE"?

A: At the moment this feature is not available.

Q16: I have activated the PostGopher plugin but when I viewed my site it takes me to

A: Most likely the issue is caused by another plugin or setting. We highly suggest you find where the affiliate link is used in any of the plugins/settings, disable it and then see if this resolves the problem. Alternatively you can deactivate all plugins then activate them one at a time until you find the culprit.

Q17: PostGopher used to be working fine but now it's creating gibberish when my readers try to download their files. What could be the problem?

A: Have you recently installed any new plugins? Some plugins add StyleSheet optimization to the beginning of your post. This causes all the following text to be corrupted BEFORE it gets to PostGopher. One "culprit" is "Thrive Leads" but there may be others. To resolve the issue, just disable/uninstall the plugin.

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