Promote Post Gopher

On the PDF produced by Post Gopher you will see a link that says "Created by Post Gopher".  This is YOUR affiliate link, enabling you to earn passive commissions when any of your readers click on the link. During this phase of the project, we feel this is important for you since Post Gopher is so new and is "selling like hot cakes".

Be sure you have put your affiliate ID on the Post Gopher PDF SetUp Page.

To highlight your brand, in the Post Gopher setup on your site, be sure to fill in the Name field, upload your Logo and maybe include your business name in the Copyright message too.

To promote Post Gopher, you can request approval  HERE

If you haven't got a PayKickStart account you will have the opportunity of creating a free one while requesting permission to promote.

To get your affiliate ID, log in to your PayKickStart account, Click on your name/picture in top right of the window, select PROFILE and your affiliate ID will be shown on your Profile page.

Once you've got your ID, go to your WP site, click " PDF Setup" under Post Gopher and enter your  affiliate ID in the Powered By Link Box

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