How to Enter the Post Gopher License Key

Once you have installed  and activated Post Gopher on your WordPress site you will be asked for a license key.  You are "in charge" of you license keys!.

  1. Log in to your Post Gopher account at
  2. Access your purchase
  3. Click on YOUR LICENSE KEY(S)
  4. You will now see you "license dashboard"
    here you can:
    1. Generate additional licenses if you have used up all the ones shown - and have a multi-site license for Post Gopher
    2. See what licenses are assigned to which site - the closed padlock indicated the license is in use
    3. Reset a licenses if, when trying to add it to your site, it is flagged as "in use"
  5. Choose a license, copy and paste it to your site.

That's your site licensed!

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