Sumo-ling Q&A

In this article we cover some of the questions frequently asked by the Sumo-ling community

  1. Tell us more about your company, employees, background, etc.
    ProductDyno is co-founded by marketers, publishers & SaaS developers. Jeremy & Simon have been creating and marketing content for more than 20 years. Fraz has been involved with several SaaS startups for last 15 years. You can find out more about the team at
  2. Do you have a public roadmap or can you let us know what features to expect in the future?
    Yes, it is located at
  3. Where can I find tutorials or demos about using your tool and different features? 
    We are preparing a new demo video but in the meantime, a great place to start is the ProductDyno Overview and the Help Videos
  4. How does your tool compare to competitors? 
    Unlike other platforms, ProductDyno can be used to create different types of digital product and not limited to online courses only.
  5. What languages do you support?
    You can enter translations for the language of your choice when setting up your products, so long as the character set is ASCII.  We handle support questions in English
  6. How do we reach support?
  7. What other tools integrate with this product?
    A ton! You can check them out at  You'll see this includes all major email services, webinar and file services. Thousands additional tools are supported via Zapier and Pabbly Connect app. If you are using a payment processor or autoresponder that we don't currently integrate with, once you are a ProductDyno member, you can submit a request for this integration at so other Sumo-lings can up-vote it
  8. Is this GDPR compliant?
    Yes. You can specify that the check box be added to the registration form.  See the article ProductDyno Emails and More
  9. What gateway/payment connections are available?
    Check this out at If you are using something that we don't currently integrate with, once you are a ProductDyno member, you can submit a request for this integration at so other Sumo-lings can up-vote it
  10. What is your privacy policy? 
    You can read all about it HERE
  11. What do you do with user data?
    Users own their data and we do nothing with it. We only use user contact details for communication and support purposes.
  12. Is it possible for me to upgrade my product or plan later?
    Yes, just check out the current pricing structure at
  13. Do you have an affiliate or referral program?
    Yes, we certainly do!  Just go HERE to get your affiliate link and affiliate tools
  14. Do you have any case studies or example sites that use your tool?
    Usually the data is private but for public products you can check these ones:
  15. Do you have (or plan to have) a mobile app?
    The tool works fine with mobile devices. There is no immediate plan to provide mobile specific apps.
  16. Can I white label this product?
  17. Can I redeem all the codes I buy under one account/email for now and then spread them out later to client accounts as they become available?
  18. Are there any limitations to this deal if I’m from XXXX (Country)
    Not as far as we know!
  19. Can I have multiple custom domain names?
    Yes You can map each Collection to a domain. You can also map each product to a custom domain and sell it separately
  20. Does ProductDyno have a landing page builder?
    Not at the moment but it is on our roadmap for the near future.  Why not go up-vote it at
  21. Can my customers have one login for multiple products or courses?
    Yes, this is achieved with Collections.  Check out ProductDyno Collections.  You can also watch this video Products Vs Collections
  22. Tell me about WOMBAT
    You can find full details of WOMBAT at
  23. Tell me about LMS
    You can find full details of LMS at
  24. Tell me about team members
    You have full flexibility to add team members to help manage your account. They can be assigned to specific products/collections with read/write, or read only permissions.  You can enable or restrict their access to each aspect of the account.  
  25. Will all future updates be added to my account?
    We have a history of introducing exciting new features and updates to our existing customers without charge. Except for a few add-ons that do not make economic sense (more CPU power, paid APIs, etc.), we regularly release updates to all of our customers. And we will continue to do so.  All updates added the the ProductDyno Starter pack will be included in all the AppSumo Tier accounts. Please check our updates portal at
  26. Can I offer coupons/vouchers to buyers of my products?  
    Coupons/vouchers are handled in the payment processor of your choice.  ProductDyno handles the delivery to the buyers registered via the payment processor.  You can find out more here: Offering Discounts on ProductDyno Products
  27. How do I track affiliates of my products?
    Tracking affiliate commissions is accomplished in the payment processor of your choice. Check out Managing Affiliates for your Product
  28. Can I sell products in English/Spanish/Italian/any language?
    You most certainly can use any language with an ASCII character set.  You customize each product to suit your requirements.  We step you through this in the article: Customize your Delivery Platform
  29. Do you have information about server status ?

        Yes. It is located at

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