Offering Discounts on ProductDyno Products

Remember: ProductDyno doesn't handle money!  That is done by the payment gateway of your choice

Since all the payments are handled by your choice of payment gateway before ProductDyno is called to deliver the product - there are no "coupons" in ProductDyno. 

To have a product with multiple price points, first, add the product as a PRODUCT in ProductDyno. 

Then put this product, and any others in your sales funnel, if any, into a COLLECTION.  In the Collection set up a separate payment integration for each price point for this product - and link it to the respective offer "sales page"

For example,  if you wanted Product A to be sold in the following configurations:

  • Prod A Full Price
  • Prod A Full Price + money off coupon
  • Prod A Sale Price
  • Prod A Sale Price + fast start coupon

    you would have 4 "sales pages" and 4 entries in your payment gateway - so in ProductDyno you will have 4 payment integrations in your COLLECTION, each linked to the relevant offer page

Whichever route the customer took to join the membership site - he will get access to Product A

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