The Email with the PDF isn't getting delivered

This email gets sent from your WordPress server using the WordPress send mail functionality.  To ensure your readers get their emails with the PDF link, be sure the following 2 steps have been completed.

1 - Server Setup

Make sure that your  server is setup and configured to send mail.  You need to check with your hosting company about this. 

2 - Inside the PostGopher Leadgen Settings 

Normally when Wordpress sends an email it has the   from address of  
In LeadGen Settings in  PostGopher you can change that.
If you put in a completely different domain in the from address - different to the domain on which your blog resides, this can trigger spam filters etc and therefore, unless your server is specifically configured to allow this then, 9 times out of 10, your emails will get blocked.
The best use of this field is to change the from address from the default of to

You can test your email delivery 

Request a blog post from the default from address. 

  • If you don't get that email, your server is not configured to send emails and you need to contact your hosting company
  • If you  do get the email, now change your from address and try again.  If it fails this time, it is probably due to the domain nominated in the from address.

If your hosting is restricting the email functionality, we recommend a plugin called WP-SMTP.  This allows you to use a gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft etc email account to send the emails through, thus bypassing the server issues.
(Yes, the plugin hasn't been updated but it works fine for our team - "if it ain't broke.."!).