The PDF Does Not Have The Same Layout As My Post

The fundamental thing to understand is that HTML formatting will not be an indication of how your page/post will appear once converted to PDF since HTML and PDF are very different - one is for screen and browsers and the other for print. 
Post Gopher does its best to translate the HTML to PDF format and sometimes it will not be able to do a straight conversion.  Then it has to make judgments on how best to convert and make it look as close as possible - and usually does a really good job of  this conversion -  but will not always get it right. 


To ensure an image is left aligned the best way is to use a table:
Wordpress tends to use floats to align images to left or right, and sometimes PG can sort these, other times, if there are things like responsiveness involved, it will show as just the image on its own. 


The PDF only uses a certain set of fonts and Post Gopher will use these fonts instead of the ones in the post - which may be many and varied with extras added such as Google Fonts, etc

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