Does ProductDyno protect my content?

ProductDyno enables you to protect ALL of your digital content with the ability to hide it behind a login.  

In addition to hiding your content behind a login page, you can protect it further by connecting your Amazon S3 account and using the option ProductDyno gives you to upload content there.  In this case, this particular content will have a one-hour, time-based lock, so that no one can access it after a one hour expiration from the time it was shown to your user/member.

You can protect access to your own pages that deliver the content using the  Enable External Content feature

In addition, ProductDyno allows you to upload content to your own server via FTP.  This content is protected behind a login but there is no way to protect it from someone with the direct URL.

Please note: once someone has downloaded any content at all, or gotten the direct URL to the content, they will find a way to share it, if that’s what they intend to do! 


If you want to embed your videos, then you need to use something like Amazon S3. Youtube is not great for that purpose as one could easily look at the source code of any website and extract the video using something like Vimeo is a little more secured in that you can tell the system to only show the video on certain websites, but if someone reads the code and uses the site above, then they can easily do the same. Wistia videos are much harder to get for an average person, but if someone really wants it, they can!

Ultimately, no matter how much one secures one's videos, someone can merely use Screenflow or Camtasia to record the video and the sound,  It'll be about the same quality as well.  So at the end of the day, what we have found is just put it up and sell.  Most of your customers won't be looking to steal from you!

The chances are that you are losing money by obsessing over this, so our recommendation is just "get setup and start selling"!

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