What EXACTLY Is PostGopher?

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Post Gopher is a WordPress plugin that converts your blog posts and pages into downloadable PDF books and mails the link to the PDF to your readers.  First of all, YOU get to set up exactly what your reader will see:

Step 1: You create a CTA button that suits you and your site - choosing the colors, words, outline, shape, etc...the variations are endless!

Step 2: You specify where this button should appear - top, bottom or both - on some or all your WordPress pages/posts.

Step 3: You quickly and easily design the opt-in form  your reader will see when he clicks on the CTA, choosing wording, colors etc.

Step 4: You design the email your reader will receive with the link to the PDF

Step 5: You connect this to your autoresponder to capture these leads - if you want to!  And who doesn't!

From here on, PostGopher works on complete autopilot

  1. Captures leads with integrated pop-up forms
  2. Adds subscribers automatically to your list
  3. Turns any page or post into a PDF lead magnet
  4. Mails out the PDF directly to the new subscriber
  5. Track views, clicks and opt-in rates. 
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