PostGopher Statistics

Once you install PostGopher on your blog, it logs all views of the posts/pages selected in the  Settings

  1. Shown: Number of times the page/post (with an active PostGopher button) has been shown.
  2. Clicked: Number of times the PostGopher CTA button has been clicked
  3. Optins: Number of times the reader entered name/email having clicked the CTA
  4. Click Thru Rate: Percentage of readers that clicked the CTA button
  5. Optin Rate: Percentage of readers who gave their name/email having clicked the CTA
  6. PDF Download: Number of times the PDF was downloaded from the sent link (multiple times from the same link increments the count)
  7. PDF Click Thru: Number of readers who returned to the source page/post from the link in the PDF

To correlate your statistics over a period of time, eg, week/month/etc  you can copy the stats and paste them into a spreadsheet.  You then can reset the stats in PostGopher or let them roll on

Please be aware that the number shown by Post Gopher is an indication only... for example if someone refreshes the page then Post Gopher will count it again!  Equally, we do not differentiate between admin and other viewers - all get counted.

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