FlipGuardian and OpenAI

You need an OpenAI API account which is not the same as a ChatGPT account. 

You MUST create an OpenAI account and be sure to add a valid credit/debit card to your OpenAI account.

OpenAI may offer free credits to new sign-ups but if you don't add a valid card then the API doesn't work! (NOTE: The card added to the ChatGPT account is immaterial!

Once you have set up your OpenAI account - with a credit/debit card - you generate an API key which is copied and pasted into your FlipGuardian account in the

Integration -> Services -> OpenAI field

Pricing for using OpenAI is shown here: https://openai.com/pricing

The model used by FlipGuardian is GPT-3.5 Turbo 16k

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