FlipGuardian "AI Engine" Introduction

FlipGuardian now helps you to

- write your own 100% original books, reports and even courses quickly in minutes vs months

- write all your launch and promotion material in minutes vs weeks

- give away or sell your book, report or course with a front to back solution in less than 3 minutes.

It's takes you from the point of no product at all to having your own 100% original products you can give away for list building or sell for profits in hours vs months. You could even give away or sell the licensing to your AI created content if you want!

Unleash the Power of 12 Exceptional AI Tools Crafted to Propel Your Product's Success!

  • Powerhouse Press Release - Your Public Relations Specialist. Build awareness, elevate your authority, and drive traffic to your landing page with expertly crafted press releases.
  • Caster Content Plan - Your Content Strategist. Devise a winning content strategy to effectively promote your book and engage your readers.
  • Mogul Media Pitch - Your PR Consultant. Capture media attention with irresistible pitches designed to maximize your book's exposure.
  • Genius Guest Post - Your Guest Post Writer. Reach new audiences with engaging guest post content for any platform.
  • Sniper Social Post - Your Social Media Strategist. Create resonating social media posts that attract and engage followers.
  • Rocket Review Response - Your Customer Service Professional. Handle book reviews with diplomacy and grace, maintaining a positive author-reader relationship.
  • Professor Podcast Pitch - Your PR Expert. Seize the opportunity to appear on popular podcasts with compelling pitches that can't be refused.
  • Ninja Newsletter Content - Your Newsletter Writer. Keep your subscribers hooked with interesting and engaging newsletter content.
  • Ace Ad Copy - Your Ad Copywriter. Get your book in front of new audiences with attention-grabbing ad copy.
  • Dominator Description Copy - Your Copywriting Expert. Persuade potential readers with captivating book descriptions that sell.
  • Landing Page Powerhouse - Your Copywriting Pro. Convert site visitors into book buyers with persuasive sales copy for your landing page.
  • Email Innovator - Your Email Marketer. Keep your subscribers excited with captivating emails about your new book releases.
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