FlipGuardian Account Settings

These settings are carried forward across all your campaigns so it's worth spending a few minutes getting them right here at the beginning!

Account Information:  

The fields in the red box above are fields updated by FlipGuardian to keep you informed about your account

Publisher Information:  

The fields in the yellow box above are fields that define you as a publisher.  They appear in your emails, payment receipts, etc. We recommend you fill them in

If you don't fill in either or both of Support URL and Email Address, the email address to which the account is registered will be used since YOUR customers do need to know who to contact in the case of any problems

White Label Information:

If you have taken the White Label Branding Upgrade you specify your site URL and Company address for your emails, payment receipts, etc You can also upload a player image and an image that is added to the outgoing emails. 

NOTE:  ALL 4 fields MUST be completed for your own branding to be "useable".  If any field is left blank the branding will default to FlipGuardian.

Now you're all set to complete your integrations.  Just Click on OPTIONS then Integrations on the left hand menu

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