How to use PerkZilla to run a Jump The Queue Campaign

Your PerkZilla Jump the Queue option allows you to bypass the standard "1st come 1st served" entries based on sign-up time. This means you can excite even late starters into working harder to get referrals, racing to get a better place in queue for the win.  
Just think of the possibilities!
The ranking within your contest is based on the number of referrals and the date/time the referral joined … That means the earliest contestants to sign-up are at the top of the list but once your subscribers start referring others each referral puts them ahead of those with fewer referrals - but behind those with the same number of referrals.  So the faster and quicker your subscriber can refer others - the faster he jumps up the queue - hopefully to the front! 

Start by giving your Campaign a name and selecting the Pre-Launch Builder Preloaded messages

This template takes care of the technical aspects for you.

From your subscribers's view, the majority of the Jump The Queue campaign is handled by the On Screen Messages.  There are what users will see directly after they submit the form, or when they enter their email a second time to check their "Spot in Line"

You can customize your messages, fonts and form design. See:  Quick Start Guide to Perkzilla

Create your trigger emails using the shortcodes

  • {waitlist_ahead} which  displays the user’s spot in line or how many others are ahead of them and is helpful for early access campaigns, providing a prize to the top active users or even creating a waiting list and only letting a few top users in at a time.
  • {waitlist_behind} displays how many users they have already passed and is optional.
  • {referral_link}
  • {social-sharing-icons}

Finalize all your Campaign specific On Screen Messages and Emails, then simply place the code snippet on your page

Auto Triggered Emails

Notify and Motivate emails are also very important for keeping your users updated on their status and engaged within the viral Jump the Queue campaign.

How "Jump The Queue" Works

When no-one has any referrals, the ranking is based on the sign-up time - the earliest ones are at the top of the list.

Once your subscribers start referring others, the ranking is based on number of referrals and when they got that referral.

For example, if everyone has 1 referral - 

  • the person who got a referral first - is in position number 1
  • the person who got the next referral is in position number 2
  • and so on...

As soon as someone gets 2 referrals - that person jumps ahead of all the 1 referral holders - but to the bottom of the "2 referrals" list  

So the faster a customer gets his referrals the better his chance of staying ahead of the queue! This helps grow your user base and rewards those for creating buzz about your brand the fastest!

Example of a Jump the Queue Campaign

Robinhood, a stock trading tool that has over 350k people on their waiting list yet hasn’t even launched, gamifies the process of sharing their website: 

the more friends you get to sign up for the waiting list, the higher up your position on the waiting list becomes

Robinhood even tells you exactly how many people are ahead of you on the waiting list.

Besides activating people’s competitive impulse, seeing that hundreds of thousands of others have signed up is an effective form of social proof, as Sean Ellis points out in his write-up of Robinhood’s pre-launch promotion strategy.

Robinhood follows up with a welcome email that reiterates the opportunity to get early access by referring friends, and it provides a link to a page where you can check your position on the waiting list, further prompting you to want to get ahead.

Please NOTE: This case study from RobinHood used similar methods to PerkZilla but theirs was custom coded and not affiliated with any viral rewards software.  However some competitors, including us, post about them as an example.

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