Public Access vs Paid/Free Access to Collections in ProductDyno

Public Access

When you set your Collection to be Public Access, everyone can access the content in the Collection using the Content URL

This means that everyone will be able to access any Free or Bonus Products that you have included in the Collection.  They will not need to login to an account so the top menu will have minimum links:

Paid/Free Access

When you set up a Collection as Paid access, the only members who can access the content are those who have purchased something in the collection and been sent their account login credentials during the payment process. They will access the Collection using the Login URL

When you set the Collection as Free Access, anyone can access the Collection but they have to register and create an account using the Register URL and thereafter use the Login URL to access the Collection.

Once logged in, Paid and Free members have additional links in the top menu to view account details and to logout:

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