Troubleshooting PerkZilla

I get a response to confirm my email from my autoresponder but the welcome email from PerkZilla is never sent. 

If you are using SMTP, please check the settings are indeed the SMTP settings not the IMAP ones.  You can get the settings from your host, copy them from Outlook, your mail server,  your smartphone, etc...  or searching for "What are the SMTP settings for <your mail server>"

I'm not happy with the way the form is laid out.

The position of the fields depends on the viewer's screen size and the default settings for your site (CSS).  You can edit your form via CSS to be however you like

My opt-ins aren't being added to my autoresponder list

Please delete the autoresponder integration in PerkZilla and add it again.  Sometimes this "triggers" the correct connection.

If this fails to correct the issue, please checkout this article:

The text color I chose in PerkZilla for my on-screen messages isn't showing up when the page is viewed.

This is caused by the styling set by your site's CSS is over-riding the formatting set by PerkZilla.

Setting your timezone in your profile.

Please pick the nearest large city that is in your timezone.  The algorithm we are using in PerkZilla gives these as opposed to the standard "Eastern" / "Pacific" etc

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