Releasing Content to Pre-Registered Members

Use this method for:

  • Registering members ahead of the release of your book, video, webinar, training course, etc? 
  • Releasing timed content to subscribers

  1. Create PRODUCT1 with little or no content - maybe an image and a note saying "coming soon".  Or maybe add a little "taster" or "bonus" for signing up early?
  2. Create a Collection and add PRODUCT1 as paid product complete with your sales page. 
  3. Add the payment gateway for this and you can start promoting your product. Buyers will have access to the account and this product but since there is no content and they won't see the program yet. 
  4. In your Manage Products dashboard, create PRODUCT2 which has the full content of the program. Do not add the payment integration!
  5. On the day you want your signed up members - and any new ones joining after this time - to see the full product, go to the Collection and add PRODUCT2 as a BONUS  product. All members will see this in their account at the same time. 
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