Set Up ProductDyno Like EverLesson

Q: With Everlesson, my members have one login page from which they can have access to the products they've bought/signed up for and other products.

How I set up one login page if each product has it's own?

A: The way to achieve this is:

Set up each Product and its content (don't worry about ACCESS for the product - ie CNAME, etc) and don't integrate any payment gateway with the Product. 

Create a Collection. Here, you set the access details so Enable Custom Domain (having created the CNAME record). Gather all the products into the Collection, integrating the relevant payment gateway for each one - here in the Collection.
Then for each product, you give the Collection Login URL as the Thank Your page for the purchase. 

The first time a customer purchases a product, he will receive a Welcome email with his login credentials. All subsequent purchases are added to his account. He will not receive the login credentials again since they remain the same.
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