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Setting Up Your White Label Product

One of our exciting features is Done For You products right there ready for you to add to your product inventory!

To do so, 

  • Click Create Product
  • Choose White-Label - and choose Social Media Marketing

  • Now you can step through the rest of the setup wizard and add Social Media Marketing to your dashboard

When someone buys your product - they will be sent a Welcome email with login details - you can customize this email in the Customize section of Manage Product.  All the materials and bonuses will be available to them automagically!

Accessing the Product for your Personal Use

  1. Add the product as above to your ProductDyno account
  2. Add yourself as a member of that product

  3. Login and access your product

    Marketing Resources

    This contains the sales page copy and other marketing resources for Social Media Marketing Product. 

    You will need to create and host your own sales page. 

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