What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy?

Member Accelerator

If after at least 21 days (giving you ample time to put our methods into action) you can demonstrate that you've faithfully implemented our strategies and yet haven't seen improved recruitment and/or retention, we’ll gladly give you a 100% refund.

You should enumerate the strategy/strategies you implemented and give the statistics of the implementation. This means, for example, for a mailing, the emails you sent and the statistics for those emails - number of opens, number of clicks, etc.

PLR Products

We do not offer a refund for PLR downloadable products. Once you have purchased, they are yours to do as you wish - therefore we feel a refund is not a viable option.


We have a 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to try our products.  Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

If you are having a problem please consider contacting our professional, dedicated support team who will do their utmost to help you resolve it.

Just click the beacon in the bottom right of any page while inside your account, click "Send Message" and fire away!

If the app doesn't do something you expected/want, again, please reach out and let us know.  We are continually developing all our products.  We may already be working on including your desired feature - or we may take it on-board and incorporate it for a future release. 

If you do decide that a refund is the only course, and you just must leave our tribe, we will be very sorry to see you go

If you have an active subscription via PaykickStart, you can follow the instructions HERE or follow the instructions above to submit a ticket to us. 

If you'd prefer us to cancel your subscription for you:

  • First check that you are within the time limit under our refund guarantee.  
  • Click on the contact icon below to get in touch 
  • Please include Your Name / Name Of The Product / Purchase Date & 
  • Your reasons - this really helps us serve our customers better and understand their requirements 

If you are cancelling a subscription, please be aware that the cancellation takes effect immediately so we recommend that you save your request to cancel to just before the time of the rebill.

Your request will be actioned as quickly as possible - usually within 48 hours

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