Recommended Product Image Sizes

Your Product images are displayed responsively so will vary in actual size according to the device the viewer is using.  However to get the images to display "nicely" we recommend you use images with the following ratios:

For default theme, try using an aspect ration of 12:7
In other words, use any number to multiply both 12 and 7 to get an image size. For example, 300X175 or 1200X700. 

For the Signature theme, try using an aspect ration of 9:6
So... use any number to multiply both 9 and 6. For example, 90X60, 180X120, or 900X600. 

For Teach PRO we recommend pixel 400x150.

For Academy Theme, try using pixel 295x295.

And for Vidfy, you can use pixel 2500x450.

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