I did't get myPerkZilla login details

When you sign up to PerkZilla, you should receive 2 emails 

Subject Line 1: Starter/Growth/Professional - Lifetime Special Receipt  Order # PK-xxxxxxxxxxx
This is your receipt showing your purchase, customer name and the email address you purchased with. 

This comes from the payment processor PayKickStart. If you don't receive it and want a record of your purchase please  contact them

Subject Line 2: Welcome to Perkzilla - The Viral Rewards Platform
This contains your username - which is your email address - your password and the access link.  Not forgetting your Bonus Gift Certificate!

If you don't get the Welcome Email you can always go to  https://perkzilla.com/app/ and click Forgot? and enter your email address. 

If you get the message: Email Address not found please consider that you may have used a different email address or contact support using the beacon in the bottom right - we'll see if we can find you!

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