Contests & Sweepstakes - Staying Legal With PerkZilla

There are many different laws and regulations related to the running of giveaways (sweepstakes) and contests depending on where you live, where your business operates and the type of contest or giveaway you plan to hold.  Different countries and even different states have conditions and laws you must follow to stay safe and legal.

PerkZilla can't offer "one size fits all" advice here so we highly recommend you seek professional legal advice and/or research your local laws first before commencing any contests or sweepstakes campaign.  We also recommend you include written rules and terms/conditions of entry with all your campaigns.   

Complying With Sweepstake, Contest, and Privacy Laws

By using our services for advertising, contests and sweepstakes, you agree to the following:
  • to comply with all sweepstake, contest, and advertising laws that apply to you and/or your business. 
  • that your advertisements, sweepstakes, or contests will not link to any website that violates any laws or intellectual property rights, is fraudulent or deceptive in any fashion, or that in the sole discretion of Promote Labs Inc may cause harm to our website visitors or users.
  • to post a privacy notice on your website that complies with the privacy laws of the countries you engage users, visitors and customers in.
  • to be solely responsible for any legal damages to any party, including Promote Labs Inc, resulting from any legal actions that arise from your advertisements, sweepstakes, or contests. 
The above provision is part of our terms and conditions. You can read our complete terms and conditions at this link:

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