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Note: ProductDyno Visual Content Builder is now on its beta phase. You can try and test it inside your account. Please see the related article for more information.

Here is where you lay out the structure of your product, course, training, etc

When you first add a product and click on Content, you will find that a sample structure and content has been included for you. 

Sample Product Sections for Newly Added Product.

Your member's HOME page will have a Menu of sections showing the image and the description of each of the sections:

The items can be moved around, re-ordered, deleted and others added

Let's look at the icons available



Click this to delete this section/subsection



Click this to change what is displayed to the member.  This is where you choose

  1. the Name/Title of the section/subsection
  2. a brief Description
  3. the Image you want associated with this section/subsection


Manage Content

Click this to add the deliverable content for the section/subsection

CLICK HERE for next step in the Quick Start Guide.....Product Deliverable Content

Show This Section on Home Page

Click here to have this section expanded on the Home Page. There are 4 options within this feature which can be used individually or together to give your member the best experience

For Further details of this Feature,  CLICK HERE

Drip Content Settings

Content Management

How to Provide Supporting Files

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