Can I send out automatic booster emails?

The booster emails can incentivize your participants to keep sharing their unique URL with their friends in order to increase their chances of winning the prizes you offer in the campaign, get earlier access to your product etc.

You can choose what automatic booster emails are sent and when...

On your Campaign Dashboard, click on the $Rewards Button in the Triggers column for the campaign in question

This will show you any emails you have already created and set up:

Now you can set the "Trigger" and craft the email to be sent when the trigger is activated:

  1. Enter the Trigger Name
  2. Choose the Automation Type like, e.g. Reward, Notify, Inactivity, etc. 
  3. Specify the number of referrals that trigger the sending of the email
  4. Choose the Trigger Type, e.g. Referrals, Shares, Visit or Points. 
  5. Choose your own email subject  line 
  6. Craft your email to encourage your subscriber using customer specific data via the drop down list

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