ProductDyno Feature Requests

You can present your idea to the owners and developers of ProductDyno by heading to their  Feature Request Board, create an account and check if your idea has already been requested. Please use a variety of keywords to ensure you are not going to duplicate a request.

If your idea or something very similar has been requested, you can comment and add votes. (You start with a "bank" of 200 votes)

If not, please add it, choosing relevant keywords in the title.  We will of course assume you vote the maximum (3) votes for your own request, so there is no need to vote for it yourself

A few things you should be aware of:

  1. All feature requests are "moderated"  before being posted and reviewed by the development team
  2. Any duplicate requests are deleted - and by that fact, your votes lost - so be sure to check first - searching on keywords - and add your vote to the existing one rather than add another
  3. Any support issues are deleted - please contact the help desk by clicking on the blue beacon in the bottom right of your screen when logged in to your ProductDyno account
  4. Any requests that have 0 Votes after 6 months (ie no-one but you is wanting this feature) will automatically be marked as Declined 

It's worth noting that a Feature Request is exactly that - it does not mean it will be implemented. The decision is made based on the direction the owners of ProductDyno want the app to go, whether or not a particular feature request fits into that parameter and whether the demand warrants the time and money to implement it. 

The requests are tagged as follows: 

  • Under Consideration means that it has been "moderated" but hasn't been studied by the ProductDyno team
  • Planned means that has been considered a worthwhile feature and has been put on the road map.
  • In Development  means the development team has started working to implement the feature. Coding and testing follows to ensure a smooth integration with ProductDyno's master code (to not interfere with other features many users rely on.) This is done to maintain the overall quality of the user-experience of ProductDyno.
  • Shipped means - go ahead and use it!
  • Declined means just that!
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