Licensing Your Product with ProductDyno

The licensing feature is conceived mainly for WP Plugins, Desktop Apps, etc where you are wanting to restrict the number of sites a WP plugin can be installed on or the number of users accessing a single account in an app.

Since you need to be able to insert code to connect back with the ProductDyno API, it stands to reason that licensing will not work with a product that is not code, ie PDF, eBook, etc


  1. Licensing is done for a Product and not at the Collection level.
  2. Once you have published a product with licensing enabled, the number of licenses cannot be changed - since you cannot "take away" licenses already allocated to users.  You can create several products with a different number of licenses - this is very easy to do since you can set one Product up completely, with content, links, etc, then clone it as many times as you like

Enable License - Vendor Action

For each product you can specify how many license EACH user will be "awarded" when he purchases your product.

Use Licenses - Member Action

When a member first logs into his account, he will see the licenses he has been allocated - they will all be "Inactive" (open padlock)

As the member activates the licenses in the app/plugin, they will show as such in his account as "Active" (closed padlock)

If for any reason, the user need to modify where the license is activated, he can click the reset button - and then activate it again where he wishes

Licenses cannot be deleted since they are generated by ProductDyno and assigned to this particular member.

More than 5 Licenses

If a member is allocated more than 5 licenses, only 5 are assigned and displayed initially.

When these have all been activated, the member can click the "Generate More Licenses" and another 5 are generated and allocated to him.

He can repeat this action up to the total number of allocated licenses.

Implementing Licensing in WordPress Plugin

The licensing system usually works with Desktop Software or WordPress Plugins. Check the image below on how to implement licensing for your WordPress Plugin.  The same could be applied to any software. 

Info for Developers

Basically it works like this:
  1. The user goes to their ProductDyno account to access the product they bought
  2. They use the Access Keys section to generate a new key
  3. They go to the settings section of the software and enter the access key.
There needs to be some code in the software that connects with the PD API and checks the license is valid, giving access if so or and error message if not.
Check out our  Help For Developers
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