Quick Start Guide to PerkZilla

In this series of articles: 

Set Up Autoresponders

Set Up New Campaign
          Campaign Settings 
          Form Settings 
          On Screen Messages 
          Save&Update - Get code

Automation Center

Additional Settings
          Additional Settings & Social Network Links
          SMTP Settings
          Point System 
          Opt In Link 

Fraud Center

When you first log in to PerkZilla you will be on your campaign dashboard with the main menu on the left where you can

  1. Show/Hide the main menu
  2. See your PerkZilla stats
  3. Link to HOW TO VIDEOS
  4. Link to Knowledge Base articles and access to send message to the helpdesk

Each Section is expanded in it's own article:

  1. Set Up Autoresponders
  2. Set Up New Campaign
  3. Automation Center
  4. Additional Settings
  5.  Fraud Center

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