Quick Start Guide to PerkZilla

Perkzilla's new wizard will help you create goal-oriented campaigns that virally increase brand awareness and grow your audience in just a few minutes.

The Wizard collects information from you in an orderly fashion - and uses your answers to build out your campaign and fill in fields in the customer emails and screens shown to the customer, etc.  Along the way - it shows you previews of what your text, etc will look like in it's final destination.  

When you have completed the run-through with the wizard, you take control!  You can edit any of the information by accessing the relevant area of the campaign - you'll find your answers right there - but feel free to change them!

For example, check out this step by step walk through on  How To Build A Contest  HERE

Choose a Campaign Type

Run Contest - Offer something relevant and desirable to your customers that they will really want - so they'll share like crazy to win it

Run a Giveaway - This is for offering something link coupons or a discount on your product - something that might not cost you that much but something relevant to your business and gets people involved - makes them want it and makes them talk about it.

Refer A Friend - This is getting customers to refer "non-customers" to exponentially grow your subscriber base. 

Create Social Buzz - In this campaign type, you are getting your "brand advocates" to splash your brand all over social media and create a real buzz for you

Drive More Traffic - What easier way to get traffic than to get your customers to send the traffic your way?

Start a Wait-list for Early Access - Encourage those who really want your "about to be launched" product  to jump the queue to get it!

The Wizard

The wizard with guide you through the steps of setting up the campaign.  It has a "standard" layout even though you will get different windows depending on the campaign type you have chosen

  1. The question to elicit the information required by this step of the wizard
  2. The field(s) to complete
  3. The Tool Tip for completing the field(s)
  4. When you're done - click "Continue"
  5. If you want to return to previous question - click "Back"

Once the Wizard has got all the info it needs - it sets up the campaign and you are directed to the Action Builder and the Live Editor for the campaign

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