Automated List Profits Reseller

This section is for Automated List Profits Reseller.  Here is a step by step guide:

1==> Log in to your Automated List Profits account and click on Reseller Tools in the top menu

Here you will find information about choosing an autoresponder service and hosting - if you already have these, then that is great!  You can go ahead and use what you already have

Please note carefully the licensing information with regard to selling/giving away licenses to Automated List Profits!  You will find more details in your Reseller Files Package.

2==>Scroll on down to the Reseller Promotion Tools and click on the link

Here you will find instructions and resources.

3==> Download your Reseller Files (and your License)

Save the file and unzip it. You will see that we have provided you with everything you need to promote "your product"

4==>Create your own mini-site promoting Automated List Profits

The "Sales Page" folder contains your mini-site.  You do need to know a little HTML to do this.  If in doubt, use Google to find specific information.  One great site that gives valuable assistance is

  1. Upload the Sales Video to your own webspace and get the URL for it.
  2. Edit the Sales Page to have your own BUY NOW buttons. Open the file in a text editor and replace each occurrence of "INSERT YOUR PAYMENT LINK HERE" with the URL of  your payment link.  Add the sales video link 
  3. Upload the files and subfolders to your webspace - this is your mini-site
  4. Drive traffic to your sales page. The URL will point customers to your own domain.
  5. As you make sales, give your buyers the registration page URL as shown in your ALP Reseller Promotion Tools in the "Customer Registration URLs" drop-down section

5==>You can track your sales from your Reseller Tools Area


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