Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Your Automated List Profits Package

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First Steps

1==>Download the package you wish to use

Be sure to save in a logical place on your computer

2==>Unzip the file to its own directory

Squeeze Page

1==> Adding Autoresponder Code (see Section on Emails)

  1. Go to the directory where you saved your package, open the Squeeze-Page subfolder
  2. Edit the file index.html with a text editor
    Windows: Notepad or Notepad++
    Mac: TextExit
  3. Copy the code from your autoresponder service for the form/list/campaign that you want your subscribers added to 
  4. Paste it in the position

Follow the instructions given in the Autoresponder Code-Replacement instructions given in that same folder

2==> Upload your squeeze page to your own server.

You can use any FTP program (such as FileZilla) or your cPanel File Manager

Make a note of the URL of where you have placed your Squeeze page - because this is the link to which you will be driving traffic.

The Lead Magnet

1==>Personalize The Report

Go to the folder where you saved your package and open the Reports sub-folder

You may edit the Word version of your report to make it unique to you - and when you've finished - be sure to save it as a PDF as well as .DOC

2==>Upload The Report

You can store your report anywhere on your own web-space

  • Server -  use any FTP program (such as FileZilla) or your cPanel File Manager
  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • etc

Make a note of the URL (online address) of your report as you will need it to give your subscribers


1==>Personalize the Emails

Go to the folder where you saved your package and open the Emails  sub-folder

Edit each email to make it personal - inserting your name in the signature and adding a relevant promotion

Be sure that you create a "welcome" email that introduces yourself and delivers the lead magnet (using the URL you saved in Step 2 above 

2==>Create Your Campaign In your Autoresponder Service

Depending on which service you use, you will have different features here.  Please check your autoresponder service FAQ for assistance with this

You need to create a list or campaign to add your subscribers to, and an opt-in form associated with that list/campaign.  The code for this opt-in form is what you need to paste into your Squeeze-Page

3==>Load Emails to the Autoresponder 

Again how you do this will be dependent on your autoresponder service - please check their FAQ on how to do this. Be sure to load your Welcome Email as the first in the series


Now you are ready to drive traffic to your Squeeze Page and start building your list!


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